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Every so oftern I find a show that is pure gold, The BroRons is one such show.

After 41 episodes of weird news, funny skits, contagious giggling and a general pi## take of the world we live in, The BroRons have decided to call it a day.

Ive picked a few clips as a tribute and just want to thank Big D and Little R for the hours on entertainment.

Catch their show on itunes while they are available and  check out their Facebook page.

Big D has another awesome show Smoke and Mirrors Paranormal Podcast also available on itunes


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This week I present a clip from Brad Carter the #1 guy when it comes to prank calls, a taster of the Cave Crew Radio Show in which the debate covers transgenderism and Bullying. Also lined up are a couple humorous self help style clips.

The Snow Plow Show

Cave Crew Radio

How To Talk To Girls

AC Network

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March 3, 2018

Episode 3, True Crime


The Clips featured on this episode are from:

Colour Me Dead

They Walk Among Us

Phone Burner Podcast

Small Town Dicks

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